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An ERP solution that is an ideal repository of information for leads, quotes, sales activities, opportunities, and contacts.

Instant tax and financial reports

ADVA generates and shares instant financial reports.

Keep track of your bills and transactions

ADVA help you manage all your finances.

Designed to streamline all aspects of a company’s operations

Designed to streamline all aspects of a company’s operations ADVA provides you with tools to better engage your customers while making their lives easier as well.

We support entrepreneurs everywhere!

Whether you are a freelancer, or manage a team of 20, our app will handle your finances so that you can focus on the bigger picture.


Calculate your monthly sales goal

Figure your monthly sales goal by working backward from your company’s annual revenue target. Then, calculate how much your team reps need to sell to meet that goal.

Set stretch goals

A stretch goal is a goal exceeding their primary goal, which can be effective. Think about the old saying: “Aim for the moon. If you miss, you’ll be among the stars.

Sequence goals

This is another way of saying “prioritize your goals.” Determine which goals bring the highest value.

Set activity goals

Convert targets into activity goals. Working backward let turn a (potentially intimidating) revenue goal into manageable metrics.

Monitor goal progression

Track progress via a dashboard in your CRM or have reps enter their weekly numbers the old-fashioned way — in an Excel spreadsheet.

We have a lot of powerful service that you can get. Check for more of our available services in our product.

ADVA is an Emirati innovation towards young Entrepreneurs and SMEs in the region and beyond. We believe that this software is the best product of the mind and the hands.

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Saif al Fahad


Easy Accounting for all...

Track your sales, expenses, generate invoices, run reports and more – all in one place.

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